How Automation is Revolutionizing TMT Production Facilities

The TMT (Thermo-Mechanically Treated) bar production process is undergoing continual innovation as a result of the introduction of technologically driven techniques, to mark the journey of TMT bar transformation. Automation in manufacturing facilities is one such revolution that has streamlined operations, increased productivity, and improved overall product quality. TMT bar manufacturers are now leveraging advanced technologies to automate various stages of production. A manufacturing facility utilizing automated industry-led technologies transforms the TMT bar manufacturing process, making it more efficient, consistent, and reliable.

How Automation Leads the Way at Devashree Ispat:

The key factors that determine the quality of a TMT bar include:

Raw Material Quality and Handling – Exerting greater control over quality starts right from the raw material stage. Automation plays a crucial role in the handling of raw materials at Shree TMT where these updated systems can efficiently handle heavy loads, minimize manual intervention, and ensure consistent material supply. This integration emphasizes Shree TMT’s commitment to delivering products and services surpassing industry standards.

TMT Rolling Mills – To acquire the proper shape and strength, the raw materials in the TMT bar production process must be heated and rolled. The heating furnaces and rolling mills are controlled and monitored via automation. Leveraging the cutting-edge technology from ABB, a renowned Swiss company, Shree TMT has harnessed the power of an Advanced PLC System to drive its fully automated rolling Mill. The rolling Mill is equipped with a recognized roll pass design that enhances strength, assuring greater consistency for each Shree TMT steel bar while the sensors and precise computerized systems enable advanced monitoring and control, collectively culminating in high-quality TMT bars that set new benchmarks in the field.

Cooling, Quenching and Self-Tempering Technology – TMT rolling mill processes come with sophisticated quenching and self-tempering technology that produces highly flexible ribbed TMT bars that are excellent for premium-grade infrastructure. Advanced sensors and cameras are integrated into the production line to inspect the bars for defects, such as surface cracks, variations in dimensions, or internal flaws. As a result, automation significantly improves quality control during the manufacturing process, ensuring that only high-quality TMT bars proceed to the next stage. By employing the state-of-the-art Evcon Turbo technology, Devashree Ispat takes the quenching process of steel bars to new heights of excellence within their TMT rolling mill. This cutting-edge technology enhances the sophistication of the quenching and self-tempering process, resulting in the production of highly flexible ribbed TMT bars that are ideally suited for premium-grade infrastructure projects. The integration of automation in this process minimizes human error and imbues the TMT bars with exceptional strength, ductility, bendability, and weldability, further fortified by remarkable resistance against age-induced corrosion.

Notch Cutting: In contrast, conventional TMT manufacturers rely on manual cutting and notching of rolls, resulting in inconsistent rib patterns and compromised quality. Shree TMT’s rolling mill features an advanced CNC machine, meticulously crafted by Sparkonix, automated for precise rib cutting. This cutting-edge technology eradicates the potential for manual errors, ensuring superior bonding strength with concrete.

Automated Excellence

Automation has improved the efficiency, consistency, and dependability of the TMT bar manufacturing process. Automated machines can perform repetitive tasks with precision and at a much faster rate than manual labor. By harnessing cutting-edge technologies and streamlining operations, automation has become the driving force behind the impeccable quality of the TMT bars. Embracing the forefront of innovation, Shree TMT stands as a trailblazer in the realm of TMT bar manufacturing. At the heart of this transformation lies automation, revolutionizing the industry and propelling Shree TMT to new heights of excellence. From the precise handling of raw materials to the seamless production process, every step is meticulously orchestrated, surpassing industry standards and setting a benchmark for the future of TMT bar manufacturing.

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