Today's TMT Bar Price

SectionRecommended TMT Price
8 mm370 (Per Piece)
10 mm566 (Per Piece)
12 mm813 (Per Piece)
16 mm1433 (Per Piece)
20 mm2285 (Per Piece)
25 mm3563 (Per Piece)
32 mm5977 (Per Piece)

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Prices Effect from 13-06-2024


Prices are inclusive of all taxes & delivery against receipt of payment.


Each piece is 12mtr fixed length, all dimensions are subject to BIS tolerance.


Free Home Delivery for minimum order quantity of 1 MT within 10 kms from our Dealer's Shop.


* This price of tmt bars is valid for purchases made online or through our dealer network.
* The aforementioned tmt steel prices are subject to change without prior notice and take precedence over any other notifications.




Fe 550 Grade

Unique 3X Design

Maximum Savings

Higher Tensile Strength

Experience unrivaled strength with our premium Fe 550 TMT bars or saria bars, built to endure extreme stress and designed for complex structures.

Revolutionize concrete bonding with the pioneering 3X (Rib on Rib) pattern of our Next-Gen Shree TMT XTRA 550 bars.

Maximize cost savings in construction with our innovative 3X Design, minimizing steel consumption by 9-12% and optimizing efficiency.

Experience superior earthquake resistance with our TMT Steel Saria, engineered for optimal UTS/YS ratio, ensuring maximum elongation and strength.

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The Rate of tmt bars or saria are very dynamic. Pls visit our website for live chat to know the rates
Our steel bars are of exceptional quality, which delivers significant benefits to our customers. Our unique 3X Design ensures extraordinary savings by giving optimum tensile strength, and 9-14% stronger bonding with Concrete owing to its unique 3X rib pattern on its bar. This increases the durability and strength of the structure thereby saving steel usage by 4-5%. One of the most significant advantages of our TMT bars (Saria) is their exceptional strength and endurance, which allows for the use of fewer bars to support structures while preserving safety and stability. This efficient use of steel bars results in cost reductions for our valued customers. Checkout our tmt saria price today to buy at cost effective prices.
The TMT Bars Price along with the demand n supply factor is majorly governed by various other factors including Iron ore Prices, Coking Coke Rates, and Electricity Prices etc. which in turn are controlled by Govt. Thus, any change in the above results in a change in the tmt steel prices.
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