Cutting-edge TMT Bars & Binding Wires Redefining Infrastructure Standards

FE 550 Grade

The best possible variant made to build futuristic structures.

Unique 3X Design

Rib on Rib feature, a product innovation which enhances the steel and Cement bonding.

Maximum Savings

Due to the 3X design, use 9-12% lesser steel and save on your cost
of construction.

Higher Tensile Strength

Withstands stress like no other.

Ultra Safe

The steel is designed to achieve good UTS/ YS Ratio that gives highest elongation.


Shree TMT takes pride in its dedicated Research and Development (R&D) department, which is composed of skilled metallurgists, TMT rolling experts, and structural engineers. This team's primary objective is to consistently push the boundaries of innovation and enhance our end product, ensuring that we provide the construction sector with cost-effective and top-quality solutions.

Our unwavering commitment to transforming construction trends is reflected in our innovative product line, which introduces groundbreaking offerings that redefine the industry.

SHREE TMT XTRA 550 : This revolutionary offering represents our continued dedication to excellence and our unwavering quest of delivering the highest grade possible, market-leading TMT bars, for large and complex infrastructures.

SHREE BINDING WIRE : Engineered to ensure a robust and enduring bond between TMT re-bars, this ms wire boasts exceptional strength and reliability. Its impressive flexibility simplifies the process of tying it around corners and other challenging areas. With corrosion resistance and the ability to withstand high temperatures, Shree Binding Wire is a versatile solution suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.



Distinctive and pioneering TMT Bars unleashing superior strength


Revolutionary: The next-gen SHREE TMT XTRA 550 bars showcase a distinctive and pioneering 3X (Rib on Rib) pattern designed to optimize concrete bonding.

Extraordinary Structural Resilience: All our TMT bars are of Fe 550 grade, which is the highest possible grade available, suitable to withstand massive stress, and ideal for large & complex buildings.

Unparalleled Absorption for Ultimate Safety: Engineered with an Optimal UTS/YS Ratio for Maximum Elongation, unleashes superior strength in our steel, making it exceptionally earthquake-resistant.

Efficiency Unleashed: 3X Design Reduces Steel Consumption by 9-12%, Unlocking Cost Savings in Construction

GradeFe 415Fe 500Fe 550SHREE TMT XTRA
Yield stress (n/>415>500>550>550
Tensile strength (n/sq.m)>485>545>585>640
GradeFe 415Fe 500Fe 550SHREE TMT XTRA
Carbon %<0.30%<0.30%<0.30%<0.25%
Sulphur %<0.060%<0.055%<0.055%<0.050%
Phosphorus %<0.060%<0.055%<0.050%<0.050%
Sulphur & phosphorus %<0.11%<0.105%<0.10%<0.10%
Manganese %0.5% to 1.0%0.5% to 1.0%0.5% to 1.0%0.5% to 1.0%
CE %<0.42%<0.42%<0.42%<0.40%
GradeTMT Fe 415TMT Fe 500SHREE TMT XTRA Fe 550
Design strength415 N/mm2500 N/mm2550 N/mm2
Quantity required1,000 MT0.854 MT0.809 MT
% of saving in weight-14.6%19.15%


Elevate your construction project with the unbeatable strength and reliability of Shree Binding Wire.

Superior Manufacturing Process: Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility utilizes advanced machinery and technology. Our engineers and technicians closely monitor every aspect of the manufacturing process to maintain the highest standards and enhance the mild steel binding wire's flexibility without compromising its strength.

Unwavering Quality and Unrivaled Flexibility: The ms binding wire is precisely drawn and shaped to achieve the optimal diameter, ensuring consistent quality throughout the production process. This allows for easy maneuverability during binding, especially around corners and challenging areas, simplifying construction tasks.

Uniform Size: With its superior quality, Shree Binding Wire provides an excellent mild steel wire for the needs of the construction industry. It has a uniform size of 20G throughout its length making it ideal as a tie wire in construction and in tying of TMT re-bars.

ConditionTensile Strength MPa or N/mm2Wrapping Text
Annealed500 (Max)Passes
Carbon (%)Manganese (%)Sulphur (%)Phosphorous (%)Silicon (%)
0.13 (Max)0.300 - 0.600 (Max)0.050 (Max)0.050 (Max)0.200 (Max)
DiameterAppearanceTolerancePacking Weight (kg)
20 SwgBluish Gray+/- 0.05mm
throughout coil length
25, 30
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a) Time Tested Brand Name / Make
b) Grade Fe 500 or 550
c) Unique 3X Ribs Design
d) Anti Corrosion Quality
e) Bendability and Elongation Capability
f) BIS certification
The grade number is the yield quality of the steel product. These different types of TMT bar grading systems are developed by National and International Standard organizations to guarantee standardization and help in decision-making about the steel, to satisfy the various necessities of the project
Generally, the lifespan of TMT bars is 50-70 years, however, most structures/buildings last for 50- 100 years
Weight Per Meter in KG
Size / mm Lower limit Standard Upper limit
8 mm0.3670.3950.423
10 mm0.57400.6170.66
12 mm0.8440.8880.932
16 mm1.5011.581.659
20 mm2.3962.472.544
25 mm3.7353.853.966
32 mm6.1216.316.499
Fe-415, Fe-500, Fe-550, and Fe-600 are four categories / Grades of TMT bars produced by Indian TMT bar producers.
The grades show the amount of pressure required to deform it. Thus, the higher the grade, the stronger the steel bars are.
However, Fe550 is the most trusted and widely used TMT Bars owing to the optimum level of strength and flexibility.

Empowered By Strength, Defined By Steel




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